Exploring… Málaga!

Here is the second in my Postcard Scrapbook collection. Apologies that this post too is a little late (I may as well just have this message as a permanent disclaimer for every post by now!), but time flies when you’re busy Spaining around so I’ve only just found time to catch up on this one! For anyone interested in heading to Málaga give this a read- enjoy! 

So 3 weeks ago I decided to make the short trip down the Málaga, to visit one of my friends who I made through the University of Southampton SalsaSoc last year- he’s a Málaga local so I figured who better to show me around! My flatmate and I arrived on the ‘Costa del Sol’ to find it rainy and grey- qué lastima. My first impression of the city was that it had a much ‘younger’, ‘edgier’ vibe than that of the historic Córdoba that I had visited a lot in the weeks before; of course there was still a lot of history and culture there to see, but you could tell straight away that it also had a slightly more modern and diverse edge to it.

12144904_10207793219379022_6662714206477006893_n  11201811_10207793217058964_3198158436053670978_n

12088434_10207793347702230_6773855669932124427_n 12063554_10207793430464299_2964191802262116317_n 12074740_10207793275820433_9156243788915704575_n 12079263_10207793289460774_7813273953733143357_n

12143141_10207793287740731_6754945446688278306_nOur guía Guille helped us find our Airbnb for the weekend, which was a private room in a ‘guest house’ type listing, run by a local artist. All I’ll say is that it was by no means a guest house and not quite as lovely as the pictures… but it was all fine and it served it’s purpose as a place to crash for the night anyway! (I would recommend Airbnb to anyone travelling on a budget, it’s a really great way to find nice, cheap places to stay for a weekend away. I personally prefer the option of renting an entire flat/ studio, for privacy and security reasons, but the cheaper option of renting a private room in a property is also fine, as all of the hosts are certified and reviewed so you can check everything out before you book.)

12107984_10207793222619103_1372315630720226084_n 12072689_10207793225219168_1908954699409296321_n

We then went for a walk along the docks and towards the beach. Although the weather was pretty grey and miserable, it was still a really beautiful area (the beach was completely empty, as noone heads out if it’s not sunny!). Here are some pics of us collecting shells on the beach, zipwiring and looking like fools on the Malagueta sign…

12122483_10207793232259344_3739933192204337791_n 12119134_10207793227339221_8431359799564436023_n 12115550_10207793215858934_4853777673033004387_n  12109002_10207793231619328_5042436345700233840_n 12096075_10207793227899235_645545098166626045_n 11216266_10207793245059664_1156996396124897659_n

Afterwards we decided to walk through the botanical gardens on the way to see the Alcazaba and the teatro romano. The Alcazaba is an 11th Century “palatial fortress” and is supposedly the best preserved in Spain. Like many other ancient buildings in the south of Spain, this one, although predominantly Moorish in architecture, also shows evidence of Roman-era materials that were reused by the Moors in their construction of the fortress. The building was so beautiful and detailed with intricate stonework, like others I’ve seen in the south since arriving here, but each has its own unique charm. I would definitely recommend seeing it if you’re in the area- there are loads of pretty gardens, etc. inside, as well as plenty of little pathways to explore, and the views of the city and the docks from up on the hill are pretty amazing. The teatro romano, which dates back to the 1st century BC, is also right next to the fortress, and is the oldest monument in Málaga, so definitely worth checking out.

12079319_10207793243899635_2694639734304387872_n 11181914_10207793248019738_6589933005072378628_n  12079319_10207793243579627_1720010978607606174_n12118970_10207793258059989_2911881520696026316_n 12118957_10207793259380022_1890841593000801425_n 12065692_10207793271180317_5953648342743231733_n12115999_10207793251019813_7295588683107081429_n   12096033_10207793272180342_5206144695457385647_n 12096381_10207793264700155_6067939751524267836_n  12072696_10207793261820083_5470154255312647596_n   12033079_10207793262780107_5320035581231793095_n11163775_10207793263100115_2569668136813573842_n

We then found a lovely little Italian restaurant for lunch and I had my fav gnocchi alla sorrentina (sorry it wasn’t authentic Spanish everyone but I’m up to my eyeballs in tapas here)!

12119092_10207793291060814_1292331282002601188_n 12140689_10207793291260819_4322423295029146001_n

Afterwards we wandered the streets and saw some pretty amazing street performers; the vibe of this city is pretty great. Here is a vid of my favourite band that we found (and actually bumped into both days we were there), doing a petty awesome cover of Guajira, which I now love more than the original! (Although I ran out of storage space so it cuts out halfway through! 😦 )

Other highlights of the day included visiting the Picasso museum and seeing the Catedral de la Encarnación, which is known as the “La Manquita” (“the one-armed lady”), because the construction of one of its towers was never completed.

12118669_10207793293060864_3159717796689239984_n 12107981_10207793292060839_586679869666597330_n

In the evening I decided to meet up with two of my friends from uni who are doing the same programme as me in the south of Spain and also happened to be visiting Málaga that weekend! We met up for dinner at a Mexican/ Indian/ Greek restaurant (is that even legit?) and I had a pretty nice vegetarian burrito, until I discovered there was chicken in it #vegetarianlifeinSpain .

12105710_10207793294580902_5787009275707534296_n 12112145_10207793297100965_3652962186964758_n 12096012_10207793297820983_4732734902348351576_n

We then met back up with Guille to go out for drinks with some of his friends, and I even met Johnny Depp in one of the bars (ok so it was just a guy in a Captain Jack outfit, but I fangirled all the same). I’m also proud to say that this was when we finally managed our first entire day on Spanish time! (Lunch at 3:30, dinner at 10:30 and coming home from our night out at 5:30am… we’re practically locals now)

12088417_10207793299701030_4060251464192799846_n 12141093_10207793300981062_2056151456198923820_o

It was a little sunnier the next day, so after breakfast we went back to the beach to chill out and kill some time. I suddenly decided to have a spontaneous swim as my bikini was in my bag (it should be illegal to go to the beach and not go in the sea anyway), and had a lovely moment of appreciating life as I was floating in the sea under the spanish sunshine! But then reality hit and it started pouring with rain so we legged it to Costa to shelter from the storm and enjoy some free wifi while we waited for our Bla Bla Car home.

12122914_10207793332381847_2067073098129549261_n 12109032_10207793333461874_4089090998583151588_n12119038_10207793336861959_2426300602382656933_n 12112362_10207793334781907_8995863539762538123_n   12122407_10207793337021963_331476013207825113_n12079486_10207793340982062_2868998650554421816_n 12074683_10207793343422123_5258651280817739722_n 11218691_10207793343342121_6275379784852478256_n 10897040_10207793340742056_6148094471017441315_n    12118963_10207793345342171_1132782699808021225_n

sheltering from the rain

It may not have been the sunniest of weekends, but I would recommend Málaga to anyone who fancies a bit of culture mixed with a pretty good nightlife, with a beach thrown in for good measure! Just don’t go in the summer holidays or you’ll be swimming in tourists…

Look out for my next post where I’ll be shedding some light on daily life as an auxiliar (GIF style…)


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    1. Hello!
      Thanks, glad you’re enjoying them. I was going to send you some but I didn’t have your email- I figured Nanny Janet would be able to show you some from my facebook anyway as I’ve found her on there!
      Hope you’re well xx


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