Exploring… Sevilla!

Ok so once again I am extremely behind on my postcard blogs, but being busy travelling every weekend in order to have something to write about seems like a pretty good excuse to me 😛 Anyway, here are all the details of my Halloween weekend trip to Sevilla!

(Sidenote: shout out to WordPress for updating their ‘insert media’ feature- so much quicker and now you can enjoy pretty ‘mosaic’ groups of pictures, woooo)

So we decided to head to Sevilla for the weekend to celebrate our friend’s birthday in the city and have some Halloween fun. From my town Sevilla is about an hour and a half’s drive away, and once again my flatmate and I decided to rely on BlaBlaCar for our ride there. We arrived at Las Setas, which is a mirador (lookout point from which you can see the city from above)/ artistic wooden structure (apparently the largest in the world?!), which supposedly looks like giant mushrooms; I’ll leave that for you to decide!


We then met with our friends and headed to the Airbnb we’d all booked out for the weekend, where we had some drinks and snacks (while I prepared my Halloween costume ready for the next night..) before heading out for margaritas and Mexican food for dinner!


The next morning, we started the day with a McDonald’s breakfast (don’t look at me, I’m the vegetarian of the group…), before beginning to explore the city.

We decided to head to the famous Cathedral, which turned out to be pretty spectacular! It’s supposedly the largest Gothic cathedral, and the third-largest church in the world, and is also home to the tomb of Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus to most English speakers). On top of all that, it also has the largest altarpiece in the world, in the form of this crazy gold creation, which was the lifetime work of a single craftsman, Pierre Dancart! Here are some pics of the interior and the views from the top of the bell tower:

(We also spied on a fancy wedding that was taking place while we were there- must have been a pretty important couple to have been wed in Seville Cathedral!)

After leaving the cathedral, we had a wander through the old Jewish quarter and grabbed a bite to eat on our way to see the famous Plaza de España. I was pretty overwhelmed by how awesome it was; the blue tiles and the details everywhere were just beautiful, so it’s definitely up there as one of my favourite things I’ve seen so far. All around the curve of the buildings there are little, beautifully tiled alcoves, each representing the various provinces that make up Spain. It’s a shame our Córdoba was taped off for restoration purposes, but I still managed to snap a few pics:

I then headed to an international market that was taking place in the park next to the Plaza. I love foreign markets and this one was particularly cool, with stalls from various countries around the globe all selling bits n bobs relating to their cultures, as well as a ton of multicultural food stands (got an awesome quinoa veggie burger from ‘Peru’)!

After the market I headed back to the flat to prepare for Halloween night, American style. I’ve never really got the dressing up as random things that aren’t even scary or related to Halloween tradition they have going on in the States, but when Disney characters were involved, how could I refuse? Here we all are, dressed in our glad rags, as Disney royals:

And when you’re a Disney royal, what do you need? A horse a carriage of course. Now I’ve seen these in every major city I’ve been to in Spain so far and always kind of scoffed at is as just a stupid tourist trap. But I was dressed as a princess for god’s sake, how could I not? And I’ve got to say, waving at our cheering and adoring fans (trust me) as we trotted through the streets of Sevilla, was definitely a highlight of the trip (plus cute kids all wanted to come up and meet ‘Elsa’ 😛 ).

We then treated ourselves to a royal dinner at a nice pizzeria in the centre (and got some pretty funny looks on the way), before heading to my other friends’ flat for some drinks. I must say, their Día de los Muertos costumes seemed a lot more relevant for the weekend than my Frozen one did, when I came to think about it. We had all bought tickets for a Halloween night at a nearby club which, despite a few hiccups at the start, turned out to be a pretty good night (although I’m afraid to say we didn’t manage a typical Spanish all-nighter, Málaga style).

The next day we had to check out of our Airbnb, so we had a quick tidy up (I tried my hardest to undo the glitter damage I had done the night before, with my Elsa sparkles) before heading back out. As I’d missed seeing the Alcazar when the others did (they arrived earlier than we did), I decided to have a quick look around before we had to leave. The Alcazar is a royal palace next to the Cathedral, originally developed by Moorish Muslim kings. The upper floors are actually still used by the royal family as the official Seville residence, so it is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe! It’s a beautiful place, with some pretty amazing gardens; it’s just a shame I didn’t have time to spend more time exploring it properly, before I had to hop on the bus back.

My next (also slightly late) post will be about my adventures in Granada! 



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