Exploring… Sevilla!

Ok so once again I am extremely behind on my postcard blogs, but being busy travelling every weekend in order to have something to write about seems like a pretty good excuse to me 😛 Anyway, here are all the details of my Halloween weekend trip to Sevilla! (Sidenote: shout out to WordPress for updating their … More Exploring… Sevilla!

Exploring… Málaga!

Here is the second in my Postcard Scrapbook collection. Apologies that this post too is a little late (I may as well just have this message as a permanent disclaimer for every post by now!), but time flies when you’re busy Spaining around so I’ve only just found time to catch up on this one! … More Exploring… Málaga!

Working as a language assistant (my first weeks at school!)

I’ve now been working in my schools for the past 3 weeks so this post is slightly late; however, it means I have more to fill you all in on! For anyone out there thinking about becoming a language assistant through British Council (like me) or Study Abroad then hopefully this will give you an insight … More Working as a language assistant (my first weeks at school!)

Exploring… Córdoba!

This is the first entry in my “Postcard Scrapbook” collection, where I’ll be sharing with you my adventures in various towns/ cities I visit during my year abroad, and bringing back a postcard from each to add to my scrapbook! (The clue is in the name…) As one of my nearest big cities, and the capital of the … More Exploring… Córdoba!