The Plight of the Female Traveller

In light of International Women’s Day, and the news of the horrific ordeal faced by a 22-year-old Brit in Australia over recent months, I think it’s more important than ever to discuss the issue of sexism, harassment and, more importantly, the safety of female travellers around the world. … More The Plight of the Female Traveller


Exploring… Morocco! (ie. my first time on the African continent)

As I’m short on time and this post is super late, this post will probably be mostly pictures; but luckily I have lots of them! So my flatmate and I decided to book a weekend trip to Morocco as it’s so close to where I am on the south of Spain, it would be a … More Exploring… Morocco! (ie. my first time on the African continent)

Exploring… Sevilla!

Ok so once again I am extremely behind on my postcard blogs, but being busy travelling every weekend in order to have something to write about seems like a pretty good excuse to me 😛 Anyway, here are all the details of my Halloween weekend trip to Sevilla! (Sidenote: shout out to WordPress for updating their … More Exploring… Sevilla!

Exploring… Málaga!

Here is the second in my Postcard Scrapbook collection. Apologies that this post too is a little late (I may as well just have this message as a permanent disclaimer for every post by now!), but time flies when you’re busy Spaining around so I’ve only just found time to catch up on this one! … More Exploring… Málaga!