My life as a language assistant in Spain (GIF style…)

For people doing the programme/ anyone who would like a funny insight into the life of a language assistant in Spain, have a read! Enjoy … More My life as a language assistant in Spain (GIF style…)


Exploring… Málaga!

Here is the second in my Postcard Scrapbook collection. Apologies that this post too is a little late (I may as well just have this message as a permanent disclaimer for every post by now!), but time flies when you’re busy Spaining around so I’ve only just found time to catch up on this one! … More Exploring… Málaga!

Working as a language assistant (my first weeks at school!)

I’ve now been working in my schools for the past 3 weeks so this post is slightly late; however, it means I have more to fill you all in on! For anyone out there thinking about becoming a language assistant through British Council (like me) or Study Abroad then hopefully this will give you an insight … More Working as a language assistant (my first weeks at school!)

Exploring… Córdoba!

This is the first entry in my “Postcard Scrapbook” collection, where I’ll be sharing with you my adventures in various towns/ cities I visit during my year abroad, and bringing back a postcard from each to add to my scrapbook! (The clue is in the name…) As one of my nearest big cities, and the capital of the … More Exploring… Córdoba!

First week in Puente Genil!

…the rest of the week involved: venturing to Córdoba city to sort out the NIE (like a national insurance number for foreigners) which only resulted in tears, learning to eat breakfast the ‘Spanish way’ (olive oil and tomatoes on toast- who knew it?), fun times on a penny farthing, signing on our lovely new flat, visiting the two schools I’ll be starting work in next week, an embarrassing incident involving shopping trolleys, lots of picture taking, and yet more flamenco classes! I’ve even got myself some new flamenco shoes and everything; no doubt I’ll be a pro in no time right… … More First week in Puente Genil!

My journey in pictures

Firstly, apologies that the formatting on this thing is pretty crap, but here is my journey from Salisbury to Puente Genil in pictures! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post where I’ll be updating everyone on my first week in the town! Hasta luego

Goal 1 complete! … sort of

So anyone who read my last blog post may remember that my first (very boring) goal was to stay under the baggage weight limit when packing up my stuff, to avoid any incidents at the airport. Well I succeeded! (ish) So in this post I’ll just be letting you know how I got on with my preparations for moving, plus giving a few tips on how to (or maybe how not to) prepare for a year abroad for any other travellers out there… … More Goal 1 complete! … sort of