The 365 day challenge

“New Year, new me” right?

Well, no, not exactly. But I do however agree that with each new year comes the opportunity to reflect on our lives so far and to set ourselves new goals and ambitions for the year ahead.

So I have decided to set myself this 365 day challenge for the year ahead, full of all different things that I would like to do and achieve (the articles I found inspiration from can be found below). Some are extended challenges or ‘good habits’ that can be continued, whereas others are just random activities to try out. Feel free to add your own suggestions as well, in the comments section below!

I have made the targets pretty general so you guys can join in too and adapt the list to your personal ambitions. If any of you do decide to take part, I would love to hear your comments and updates on how you’re doing as the year goes on! (You can also use the tag #the365daychallenge on social media to stay involved.)

The list doesn’t have to be completed in order, as I realise each day brings with it plenty of its own challenges, never mind trying to fit in all of these as well. So, if a certain one doesn’t suit you on a certain day, you can just pick another easier one and cross them off as you go along, so you know which you have completed! (Try printing it off and sticking it to your wall to help you remember!)

Lastly, I’d like to point out that this challenge is not a ‘resolution’; if you forget or don’t have time to complete one one day it’s not the end of the world. You can pick it up whenever you like, or dip in and out whenever you’re in need of inspiration. 

Here goes…

  1. Write down all of your goals for the year ahead. Make them achievable and measurable (eg. “save £1000” instead of just “save money”, then you can keep track of progress). These should be achievable goals so they don’t end up as just more broken resolutions.

  2. Look back through old pictures. Reflecting on the past can be nice and can remind you of what’s important to you and what you want for the future. So grab the old photo albums and settle down with a nice cuppa.

  3. Spend time with family. An important one that we shouldn’t forget just because Christmas is over! Go visit a relative to wish them a happy new year.

  4. Drink more water. 11403094_1126611200689200_8014020501852064520_nSounds like an easy one but most people actually find getting enough water quite difficult. You should be drinking at least 5 pints a day (about 8 glasses); filling up a carton like this every day can really help you to keep track and stay motivated!

  5. Get your 5 a day. At least! If you’re up for a challenge, aim for 7 or 8 today (at least 3 of which should be veg). I find a raw fruit and veg smoothie in the morning is a great way to sneak in an extra couple of portions.

  6. Cut the caffeine. Go the whole day caffeine free! No coffee, tea, cola or energy drinks. This is another one you may like to consider adopting on a more permanent basis.

  7. Go for a run somewhere you’ve never been before. Whether you’re a habitual runner or not, running somewhere you’ve never been before will give you a fresh outlook. If you want to keep this one up then try a different route every day/ week.

  8. Read a book you’d never usually consider reading. Pick one up in your local library or a second hand book shop. You may be pleasantly surprised!

  9. Meditate. Take some time out of your day to try meditation_sunmeditation. You can find videos and guides online. (You will look like this, promise > )

  10. Find an unusual recipe online/ in a cookbook and make it. Something you wouldn’t usually go for!

  11. Make a list of things you are grateful for. It’s always good to acknowledge all of the positive things in your life, whatever they may be. Write your list out and stick it on your mirror/ put it away for when you need a pick-me-up.

  12. Try yoga. Once again, you can find plenty of guides online, such as 30 days of yoga with Adriene. If you’re already an expert then hunt down more of a challenge!

  13. Leave a kind note for a stranger. 
    tumblr_l6cq6fpguo1qd0gzuo1_400Leave a note to make someone smile, wish them a good day, or offer some words of motivation; for example, in a library book or as a post-it note in a bathroom or public place. Here are some examples. You could make someone’s

  14. Try a whole day without Facebook/ Twitter, etc. No social media all day! Try it if you dare…

  15. Try a style of dance you’ve never tried before. Even if you’ve got two left feet! This can be as simple as practising in your living room from YouTube videos or, even better, find a local class.

  16. Today, get dressed to impress for no reason! Even if it’s just for work or popping down the shops, don your fanciest outfit and feel yourself standing that little bit taller.

  17. Look up and learn 5 new words in the dictionary. If you keep this one up you’ll be an expert on the English language in no time.

  18. Find motivation by watching videos on TED talks and saving your favourites for a rainy day when you may need them

  19. Make your opinions heard. Let people know about something you’re passionate about by writing an article or Facebook post, etc. to share you’re feelings on the subject.

  20. Reconnect with an old friend. Call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and arrange to meet up for a coffee or something. You may be surprised about how much you have to catch up on and/ or how much you still have in common!

  21. Watch a documentary on a topic you know nothing about. iPlayer it or scour the internet for something completely new to you, but also interesting of course. You could learn a lot and even find a new interest.

  22. Put your favourite playlist on and sing like no-one is listening. Whether in the shower or around the house, singing (however badly) can be a great stress-reliever.

  23. Declutter! Go through all your stuff and get rid of anything you no longer need. You can donate extra stuff to charity or sell it on eBay, and you’ll be left with a lot more space and a tidier place!

  24. Make a budget to help you save money. Create a plan based on money-lover-money-managerincome and expenditure (you’ll have to budget for unexpected spending too, as things do turn up!). I have an app called MoneyLover which is very good for this, allowing you to keep track of spending and set budgets for various categories (eg. food, bills, clothes, etc.)

  25. Spend the day helping someone else. It always feels good to help someone else out, and I’m sure if you only take a minute to offer that there will be plenty of people who could do with a helping hand for something or another right now.

  26. Watch a classic film you’ve never watched before. There are plenty I still haven’t seen! Now’s as good a time as any.

  27. Try a new gym class/ online workout class. Maybe something that you wouldn’t usually think to go for/ would be scared of trying. What’s the harm?

  28. Try to compliment everyone you speak to today. And do it genuinely; you could well make their day!

  29. Get to know someone you don’t know very well. That guy you always see at work but have never really spoken to, or the woman you say hi to every morning; try engaging them in a conversation, and see where it takes you!

  30. Cook someone dinner. Do it as a surprise if you like! Just treat your housemate or someone special to a home cooked feast.

  31. Window shop for your favourite home. A favourite of mine when I’m bored; the internet is your oyster.

  32. Treat yourself to a night in with a homemade hot chocolate. January is over but it’s still pretty cold out there- this should do the trick. Experiment with different flavours and try an orange or a Baileys hot chocolate if you’re feeling adventurous.

  33. Try a whole evening without your phone. This is a tricky one! Try the whole day if you’re up for a challenge, but I understand that some of you do have jobs…

  34. Buy a coffee for a stranger. cute_win_pic_starbucks_cup_note-574260Next time you buy yourself a coffee,
    pay it forward‘ and ask to pay for the person behind you as well, as a nice little surprise for them. It’s all about spreading the love my friends (and the vanilla chai lattes…)

  35. Write about your fears for the year ahead. Plan ways you can combat these and then rip up the list of fears. (Obviously you can’t predict everything that will happen but this is a good way of feeling like you are in control and ridding yourself of some fears.)

  36. Create a new recipe! Got a few random bits n bobs left in the back of your kitchen cupboard? Try throwing something together from your imagination, it may turn out nicer than you think!

  37. Raise money for a cause/ donate to charity. The latter is a good option for those of us pressed for time, but, if you do have the time and resources, then consider starting a campaign or taking part in a sponsored activity to raise some funds!

  38. Write down everything you like about yourself and remember it. Stick it to your mirror if you have to or just keep it for when you need a confidence boost.

  39. Visit/ phone an elderly relative or someone who lives alone. They’ll be pleased to hear from you.

  40. Do a really posh DIY mani pedi, because why not. For anyone who isn’t down for nail painting, treat yourself to something else.

  41. Stay calm. Try not to snap at anyone today, no matter how much
    they annoy you.giphy

  42. Paint/ draw/ sketch something, even if you think you can’t. It’s quite a good way to unwind and you may even unleash some hidden talent!

  43. Go for a long walk somewhere new. Explore the countryside around your town, or wherever you choose to wander.

  44. Plan a fun day trip/ weekend away! If you’re having a bad day, planning something fun to look forward to can really help take your mind off of everything else.

  45. Write a bucket list! Another of my favs; I know lots of people have them already, but how many of you have actually written it out, kept it and kept track of your progress through it? If you have then well done. If not then this can be a really fun way to spend an afternoon; don’t worry about how crazy the ideas may seem, just write anything you want to do or achieve in this lifetime, and preferably save it somewhere where it wont get lost!

  46. Start a savings jar for any spare change. Pretty straightforward, just keep the change flowing in and see how long you can go without opening it!

  47. Try a food you’ve never tried before, however weird. Pick something you’ve always wanted to try or something completely crazy and out there.

  48. Try to beat your record for your longest run. MapMyRun is quite a good app for this!

  49. Have a marathon of your favourite childhood films. No explanation required (but Disney films are).

  50. Hand write and send some letters to far away friends/ family (even if they are all near it can still be a nice surprise!) You’ll be surprised how much better it can be for catching up, than using Facebook.

  51. Try customising an old item of clothing. Even if you have zero needlework skills, this could be a fun project and the start of something great!

  52. Surprise a loved one. Send them an unexpected gift or plan a surprise for them. No matter how small, it will make them happy!

  53. Try pilates. We’ve tried yoga, now time for pilates; similarly, you can find guides for beginners and up online.

  54. Write down all the positive things in your life. Similar to a previous one but important to keep reminding ourselves nonetheless! These can be things as small as the weather today to as big as having a loving family or a nice place to live.

  55. Get on a train/ bus/ (/plane!) to somewhere you’ve never heard of and get lost exploring in a new place. Best to do this one when you have a whole day to spare and a phone with full battery. Obviously be careful but have fun unleashing your inner adventurer!

  56. Make up a new cocktail and name it. It can be as crazy as you like.

  57. Spend the evening playing board games with friends/ family instead of screen time.

  58. Eat out alone, because why not.

  59. Research and start a new hobby. This can be anything from knitting to knife throwing, don’t hold back!

  60. Today is a YES day. Try saying ‘yes’ today, instead of ‘no’, to things
    you may not normally bother with. giphy2Didn’t fancy going to that weird speed dating thing with your friend? Try it! Or couldn’t be bothered with the office drinks tonight? It could be fun! You may be surprised what a day of ‘yes’ can bring you. (I’d like to point out that this doesn’t mean suddenly saying ‘yes’ to stupid things like getting in cars with strangers or buying suspect substances from the dodgy guy on the street; say ‘yes’ within reason please.)

  61. Watch a film you wouldn’t normally choose to watch. It could be alright!

  62. Treat yourself to a DIY spa night; I’m talking bubble bath, face mask, the works.

  63. Spring clean your wardrobe. Swap old clothes with friends or donate to charity any you no longer wear.

  64. Start a blog! Not that I’m an expert, but if you feel you have something to say and want to unleash your creativity, then starting a blog can be a great platform to help you do so. WordPress and Blogger are, in my opinion, the best free ones on offer (obvs WordPress is my platform of choice though!).

  65. 51yvq0fajdl-_ac_ul320_sr248320_Bake something. Cake, bread, biscuits, anything you like! It’s relaxing and you can enjoy the products of your hard work once you’re done!

  66. Organise your office/ work space. Getting all of your files in order will make you feel less stressed and more motivated to work.

  67. Get up early and watch the sunrise. If you catch it on a good day, the results will by far be worth it!

  68. Watch an opera. If you never have before then why not give it a go! If you can’t get tickets you can always watch a performance online, from the comfort of your own home.

  69. Do a wine tasting and learn which wines you like best. giphy3There are
    only two types of wine: those you like and those you don’t. So it’s just a case of learning about your own individual palette, so you’ll know which to choose next time you’re on a booze run.

  70. Pack lunch for work today instead of buying. This is a great habit to get into if you want to save money, and you can often be more creative with what you eat each day if you prepare it yourself.

  71. Read a whole book in a day. Any book will do, but the longer the better if you want to challenge yourself!

  72. Drum up the courage to ask someone out for a drink, or if you have a partner, go on a spontaneous date!

  73. Do a good deed. Help someone out today or do something nice, even if the recipient wont know you’ve done it.

  74. Go to the cinema. Treat yourself, even go alone if it’s last minute.

  75. Go vegetarian for the day– you might be surprised with what there is on offer if you only look! Or, if you’re already vegetarian, go vegan, or ‘raw’ if you want more of a challenge.

  76. Talk to someone completely new. Even just small talk in the queue for your morning coffee/ on the bus could lead to an interesting conversation.

  77. Make your own hummus, guacamole, or salsa– or invent a new dip of your creating.

  78. Camp out with friends, even if only in the back garden.

  79. Make a gift for someone for no reason. Homemade gifts tailored to the individual recipient seem so much more special for some reason. Show someone you care by making them a gift ‘just because’.

  80. Go for a picnic. Dining al fresco is seriously underrated. Pack some treats and head to the nearest park.

  81. Make bread. If you’ve never made bread before then this is quite a fun one, and actually requires much less effort and ingredients than you may expect. If you’re an experienced bread baker then try experimenting with crazy new flavours and/ or types of bread.

  82. People watch. Head to a café/ park/ area of your choosing and just spend the afternoon people watching. Nosy but relaxing.

  83. Try not to swear all day. Consider introducing a swear jar if you want to keep this one up.

  84. Relax– for one evening just forget the to-do list and chill out.

  85. Improve your posture. Today, focus on maintaining a good posture, not slouching when you’re at your desk, and checking that you’re handbag and/ or pillows aren’t damaging your back. If you keep this one up you’ll be walking taller and feeling better in no time.

  86. Spend the day in the library just exploring. You can dip in and out of books on pretty much anything.

  87. Review your eating habits and consider cutting down on any bad foods and including more veg/ vitamins/ minerals/ fibre/ whatever you may be lacking. Try to keep any bad eating habits (eg. constant snacking) in check.

  88. Rally up some friends for a spontaneous drinks night. Grab whoever’s available and head out; the unplanned nights are the best nights.

  89. nf_message_in_a_bottle_0419Send a message in a bottle. It can say whatever you like, just make sure it’s sealed tight and floats well.

  90. Grow some herbs, or even veg, for your kitchen. Fresh is always best.

  91. Take a bike ride somewhere. Don’t worry too much about where! MapMyRide can help you keep track if you are interested in distances, etc. though.

  92. Try taking a vow of silence for a day. I know a day doesn’t sound long but it’s harder than you think.

  93. Watch the sunset. Preferably with a glass of wine or other drink of your choice.

  94. Go swimming. In your local pool, river, lake or ocean. Just take some time to unwind in the water and get a little exercise.

  95. Throw someone a surprise party. Whether it’s someone’s birthday coming up or you want a ‘no reason’ celebration, planning a small get together or an even larger affair can be a fun way to show someone you care.

  96. Take an IQ test. Just for fun!

  97. Be a tourist in your own town. Visit a local tourist attraction/ historical point of interest; often it’s the places right under your nose that you miss.

  98. Have a sleepover! When was the last time you did this? Popcorn and girlie films are necessary.

  99. Bake something for someone to thank them for being a good friend. No other reason!

  100. Learnt to knit. Or, if you already can, try something else, eg. crochet.

  101. Read up on a cause you know little about/ want to know more about. It’s important to educate ourselves about things we feel strongly about!

  102. Go to the park and just spend the day relaxing there, reflecting on your thoughts, reading, watching the world go by, etc. Get in some you time.

  103. Try going all natural for the day. By this I mean DIY skincare products, etc. – if they work well you could save a lot of money on branded stuff in the future! Bicarbonate of soda as a teeth whitener with your toothpaste is a good one.

  104. Buy yourself something you would normally consider a luxury– just this once!

  105. Learn about politics: read up on the local/ national politics where you are, so you have a better understanding when voting time comes around.

  106. Learn some new words and basic phrases in a different language of your choice. You never know when it may come in handy!

  107. Tell someone you love them. giphy4Something you should do every day but just in case you’ve forgotten today/ need a nudge…

  108. Learn a magic trick. Find something online and impress your friends when you next see them.

  109. Plant/ buy some flowers for your garden or home. They will liven it up and make you feel happier and calmer (that is, if you remember to water them!)

  110. Go to the beach! Just grab a swimsuit and hop on a train down to the coast for the day.

  111. Take the time to make freshly squeezed fruit juice today. It will start your morning off well!

  112. Feed the ducks– because we’re all still kids really.

  113. Have a movie marathon with your friends; pick a film each that everyone has to watch and work your way through.

  114. Go for a hike, preferably somewhere you’ve never been before.

  115. Read about and learn the rules of a sport you know nothing about. There’s no harm in learning something new!

  116. Make someone a friendship bracelet. Boy or girl, it can still be a nice/ funny gesture.

  117. Learn to write your name in Mandarin Chinese/ Arabic. Do you need a reason?image

  118. Visit an art gallery. Many are free if you look in the right places so why not expand your cultural horizons!

  119. Make your mark somewhere, eg. on a tree (not that I’m advocating graffiti in general).

  120. Get up early and make the most of the day! Be productive in the morning and then congratulate yourself for how much you’ve achieved while you’d normally still be sleeping.

  121. Find a penpal and write to them. Either through a friend or online, it can be fun having someone to write to, especially someone who lives abroad.

  122. Try a new hairstyle today. Something you would never normally try! Pinterest is a good source of inspiration.

  123. Watch an old Elvis/ Marilyn Monroe film. Take yourself back to the good old days.

  124. Go to bed early today and get yourself a really good night’s sleep. You’ll feel so much better tomorrow!

  125. Read up on a religion you know little about. Expand your understanding of our world!

  126. Learn a silly YouTube dance routine to one of your favourite songs. It will help you de-stress and it could be fun!

  127. Bury a time capsule in the garden, with friends, family or alone. Think about what you may want to include for someone to dig up and find one day.

  128. Go for an early morning walk: take in the sights and get some fresh air to wake you up.

  129. Make some handmade birthday and greetings cards you can give to friends throughout the year.

  130. Make a travel bucket list of places you’d like to visit this year/ in your life.

  131. Learn to juggle; you never know when you’ll get to show off this skill!

  132. Assess what you have to give to the world and figure out a way to give it. Sounds slightly vague but each of us has something special we can give to the world, however small it may seem, so figure out what you have to give and how you can make this happen.

  133. You’re only allowed to watch kids’ TV today. giphy5Go back in time and enjoy being a kid again for the day; it’s much more relaxing, I promise.

  134. Play a prank on someone. Nothing horrible but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun and games, so long as you pick your audience and your timing right!

  135. Identify your worst habit/ trait and try to improve it. Today, try to cut out your smoking/ complaining/ bossiness/ whatever it may be. Identifying it in the first place is the most important step!

  136. Visit a museum. Because there’s always more to explore/ find out/ learn about.

  137. Today, wear something you would never normally wear. How about that outfit that you thought was a little too daring or were scared wouldn’t suit you? Just go all out and give it a go!

  138. Start a dream journal. This can actually be very insightful, especially if you’re into looking up meanings in dream encyclopaedias, etc. Even if you’re not, patterns in dream behaviour can offer you a valuable glimpse into your own subconscious.

  139. Attend a local club/ group meeting. Whether it’s your local book club or the gym’s Zumba class, there’s bound to be something on tonight you can join in with and have a go at. For an extra challenge, put yourself out of your comfort zone and go for something you wouldn’t normally try.

  140. Design a t-shirt. If you’re bored then why not? If it turns out good you could even get it printed.

  141. Go make-up free! Your skin will thank you and you may be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get. Or, if you normally go make-up free, then do the opposite and watch the compliments flow your way.

  142. Clean the entire house as a surprise for your flatmates. It will be a nice surprise that they’ll thank you for and it can also be very therapeutic.

  143. Share your problems/ stresses with someone. A problem shared is a problem halved! Even if you don’t have any huge problems, sharing the smallest of stresses can take a weight off your shoulders.

  144. IMG_8594 (2)Leave a lock on a bridge (à la Paris!)- Sharpie your initials or a short message onto a lock and attach it to a bridge/ somewhere special to you. Only you and possibly one other person can have the key so it will stick around for a while! This is a fun one to do with someone special to you.

  145. Feng shui your room. Even if you don’t believe in the practice, changing things up a bit can freshen up your mindset and your outlook! Have a look online for tips and ideas.

  146. Read an old classic book you’ve never read before. Dickens, Austen, Brontë, Hardy; you always hear about them but how many of their works have you actually read? Pick one and give it a go!

  147. Buy tickets to see your favourite band/ singer in concert. A night of live music will be fun!

  148. Apologise to anyone you may have hurt in the past– take today to make amends even for small things like forgetting to return a book you borrowed!

  149. Learn about astrology then spend the night star gazing– see how many constellations you can identify.

  150. Go and see a play/ performance at your local theatre– support your local theatre group and enjoy spending the evening doing something a bit different!

  151. DIY massage– treat yourself to a DIY foot massage/ shoulder massage, etc. to ease all that tension.

  152. Plan to eat on only £10 this week; it can be done! For example, make batches of soups and pasta sauces, etc. and keep in the freezer. (Here is an article that may help.)

  153. Read your horoscope– no matter how cynical you are!

  154. Make sushi. Sounds tricky but it’s a fun new thing to try if you never
    have (albeit a little messy!)giphy6

  155. Think of ways you could reuse or recycle everything you throw away today. That pretty chocolate tin you’re about to throw away could be used to put a gift in/ keep things in, for example. If you don’t want to end up hoarding things, at least make sure they go in the recycling bin instead of the regular bin!

  156. Have a TV free day. You’ll be surprised how much you manage to get done!

  157. Watch a sports match you would never normally watch. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  158. Take the stairs instead of lifts – don’t be lazy!

  159. Draw a self-portrait. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or even particularly ‘good’, but it can offer you an interesting insight into how you see yourself!

  160. Start re-reading the Harry Potter books. You need no reason to do this. (If you haven’t read them then firstly: shame on you. Secondly: start reading them asap)

  161. Place a bet– just a small one mind! Buy a lottery ticket/ make a small bet with a friend for fun; it could be your lucky day!

  162. Start watching a new TV series you haven’t seen before. How about that one your friends keep raving about, or even one no-one has really heard of.

  163. Make something for your home: a cushion cover/ decoration of some kind can add a nice homemade touch!

  164. Write a letter to your future self and open it in 5 years’ time. Another chance to reflect on your hopes and fears for the future and to think about the path you are currently on in your life.

  165. Learn about the periodic table, because it might come in handy next time you do a pub quiz.

  166. Try not spending any money all day. Actively trying not to spend at all makes you much more aware of your spending habits and where your money is usually going.

  167. sendtoastranger_07-410x332Send a parcel to a stranger. Sounds weird but this is actually a really fun one! The guide is here.

  168. Hang out naked. Again, sounds weird, but Rachel from Friends knows all about how this is done. Home alone? Free yourself! Just remember to close the curtains…

  169. Find a role model and choose some of their good attributes to model your own behaviour on. Whether it’s your favourite celebrity or your mum, it’s always good to have someone to look up to. (Just make sure your relationship with them is healthy; you shouldn’t be trying to change yourself completely to be like them, just acknowledging their good attributes and aspiring to something similar.)

  170. Brew your own tea, for example mint tea with fresh mint leaves. Be creative!

  171. Upcycle a piece of old furniture. One of my favourites; whether it’s something unused you have lying around the house or something someone else is throwing away, give something battered and old a new lease of life with a lick of paint and a bit of imagination. (For example, here is a chest of drawers project I took on a couple of years ago)

  172. Dress up for fun. I’m talking kids dressing up party style; Superman, a fairy princess, whatever takes your fancy. Just please take pictures and upload them here so I can have a chuckle. Thanks 😛

  173. Do something you’ve been too scared to do – whether it’s going for a dramatic new haircut, asking someone out, or planning a sky dive; just do it.

  174. Tie dye something, 90s style. Bored of your plain white bed sheets? Did someboday say tiiieee dyyyeee

  175. Start a diary. It doesn’t have to document everything you do every day, just jot down a few thoughts each night before you go to bed and look back on it in a year or so’s time!

  176. Spring clean and reorganise your kitchen cupboards and fridge. That weird brown jar probably went out of date years ago… bin it.

  177. Don’t worry– today, try to let go of the little things that would normally stress you out; they’re not important!

  178. Calculate your carbon footprint and check out ways you could be living a greener life.

  179. Go out for breakfast! How often do you do this? Treat yourself.giphy7

  180. Spend an hour (or longer) without any electricity. See what life was like before we had electric lights and domestic gadgets.

  181. Put positive messages or motivational quotes on sticky notes around your house for you and your flatmates– find inspiration online.

  182. Take a pledge for something you believe in, no matter how small. Have a look online for inspiration, for example, here is one I set up.

  183. Keep a food diary. This may help you pick up on any bad habits and better organise your daily diet!

  184. Plant a tree somewhere where you can watch it grow.

  185. Help out in your community. Look for projects you are passionate about that you can donate some of your time to.

  186. Try not to say anything negative all day. Positive, positive, positive! This one is really tricky but can help to alter your perspective on things a little.

  187. Write a fan letter to someone you admire, whether a singer, a writer, or a politician. You may even get a reply!

  188. cover-art-cropped-730x519Do some colouring in. Adult colouring in is all the range nowadays; it’s seriously therapeutic.

  189. Go roller blading/ ice skating– try not to fall over!

  190. Make a homemade pizza! Make the dough from scratch and experiment with crazy toppings.

  191. Decorate flower pots for your home/ garden, to make it look pretty.

  192. Sign up for a race, either for charity or just to challenge yourself. Even if you’re not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, there are plenty of projects out there to help you get started, such as the NHS Couch to 5k.

  193. Write a song, even if you’re not a musical person.

  194. Live one day like a Buddhist monk. Ok so the full daily schedule of a Thai Buddhist monk, as outlined here, may be a bit much for some people, so here and here are a couple of other guides which explain how you can more easily incorporate some of their practices into your daily routines.

  195. Buy tickets to see a musical and spend the journey home singing along to the soundtrack.

  196. Go for a walk in the woods/ forest/ countryside and spend the day exploring the wildlife.

  197. Make homemade burgers or, even better, veggie burgers! Be creative with flavours and keep any extras in the freezer for an easy homemade dinner one day next week.

  198. Spend the day listening to only music from the decade you were born in. YES to cheesy 90s pop.giphy9

  199. Plan your dream future just for fun, then think about how you could actually make it happen!

  200. Look a how to can improve your career prospects– go on a course/ apply for a new job/ apply for an internship/ get an online qualification, etc.

  201. Start a memory jar. Every day/ whenever something significant or memorable happens, write the memory on a piece of paper and store it in a mason jar; you then have some good reading material for if you ever need to smile. Here is a guide that explains it more fully.

  202. Wear fresh flowers in your hair, just because. Nature is beautiful.

  203. Plan a staycation. It will give you something fun to look forward to but will cost much less than a holiday away!

  204. Listen to a podcast. I never really do this but there are actually some really interesting, funny and eye-opening podcasts available, so try some out on the way to work today, instead of your usual music playlist.

  205. Try a positive attitude– bad things may happen today but only you are in control of your attitude and how you react to these things, and therefore how you end up feeling overall. So take control of your day today with a positive attitude! (This article better explains this concept of taking control of your own emotions)

  206. Research your family history. You may find out something amazing! ( offers a free trial)

  207. Watch a foreign film. There are so many great titles we miss out on if we only stick to films in the English language! Check out the films submitted for Cannes, or another high profile international film festival, to find some really interesting and different titles (subtitles allowed!)

  208. Listen to classical music all day; you may discover a whole new love for it.

  209. Throw a party/ host an event– just because!

  210. Ask your family or partner about funny/ interesting stories from their past– there’ll be so much you still don’t know!

  211. Try the rice experiment. A really interesting experiment about the power of words and positive thinking. Even if you’re cynical, why not try it for yourself and see what happens!lovehatejars

  212. Try to overcome a fear. This can be anything from a fear of spiders, to a fear of the dark; why not start working on it today.

  213. Walk or cycle instead of driving today. It’s good for you and the environment!

  214. Find something cool on Pinterest and try to recreate it. A craft, recipe, hairstyle, wall decoration, whatever takes your fancy.

  215. Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you. No matter how big or small the favour, or how recent, it’s always nice to hear a ‘thank you’.

  216. Meet your favourite author. Figure out when they’re next book signing is and plan to go!

  217. Figure out a way of earning more money. For example, a jumble sale or eBay sale of old, unwanted things, or even start up your own mini business.

  218. Laugh– go to a comedy night or watch some stand up/ your favourite funny film; it’s good for you!

  219. Learn a new instrument. Either start learning online today or start planning to by buying books/ an instrument/ researching local classes. (Even if your only goal is to play three blind mice on the recorder!)

  220. Buy a meal for a homeless person. To help someone else out, not just to make yourself feel good.

  221. Use the random article button on Wikipedia and learn something new.

  222. Watch difficult TV quizzes (like University Challenge/ Only Connect, etc.) and play along to test yourself.

  223. Make a video montage of your happiest moments and save it for a rainy day.

  224. Make a list of things that interest you and research a few online or buy some new books.

  225. Call in to your local radio station and see what happens.

  226. Burn candles and incense giphy10(carefully!) to make your house smell

  227. Organise your music collection. Mine is a mess of iTunes downloads, folders on my laptop, and playlists on Deezer, so a day of organising is necessary.

  228. Play a new game, even if it’s only a stupid app on your phone.

  229. Learn how to say hello in five different languages (that you didn’t already know!)

  230. Enter a competition– it could be your lucky day!

  231. Download an audiobook to listen to today, instead of music.

  232. Start a scrapbook of memories, magazine clippings, inspirational quotes, etc. whatever you want.

  233. Redecorate your room. Don’t be afraid of change! Repaint the walls, move the furniture or buy new bed covers and curtains.

  234. Try a tropical/ new fruit you’ve never tried before or wouldn’t normally eat.

  235. Spend the evening doing crosswords/ Sudoku/ brain training puzzles to test yourself!

  236. Try to only eat homemade food all day– harder than it sounds!

  237. Celebrate your exact age. Sounds random but why not celebrate just being alive today, as you were born 22 years 271 days and 3 hours ago, for example. Raise a glass to yourself and your life so far!giphy11

  238. Learn about the history of your town. How much do you actually know?

  239. Attend a Twitter party. I didn’t even know what these were until yesterday so check out this article for more info! Could be fun.

  240. Update your address book. Collect all of your friends’ addresses so you can send them Xmas cards etc. later in the year.

  241. Go blackberry picking. Take loads of tubs to fill up and make a big crumble when you get home!

  242. Make homemade jam and give it as gifts. An alternative use for all those blackberries you picked!

  243. Make goals for the day ahead. Everyone has to-do lists in their heads but how often do you actually wake up and set yourself goals for each day? Reward yourself if you complete them.

  244. Go charity shop shopping. I love this, as you find so many gems that you don’t in high street shops. I also don’t feel as bad about clothes shopping when it’s cheap and the money goes to a good cause!

  245. Don’t be so hard on yourself– give yourself a break today, you’re doing just great!

  246. Go to a live sports match– even better if it’s a sport you’ve never seen live before.

  247. Congratulate people on their small successes. Give credit where credit is due and let people know it if they’ve done a good job; people need to hear it sometimes.

  248. Change all of your light bulbs for energy saving bulbs; they’ll last longer and are better for the environment!

  249. Apply to a TV gameshowrichard2b-2bthe2bchase2b0203122b6they may actually get back to you and you
    may be surprised! (I can only regret not turning up for my The Chase interview after I applied as a bit of a joke…)

  250. Send someone a good morning message wishing them a fantastic day- it will start their day off on a high!

  251. Tell each of your friends one thing you like/ admire about them. Always nice to hear.

  252. Document your day/ week in photographs. Could be a nice little project to start, which will give you something to look back and reflect on!

  253. Re-evaluate your beliefs. This doesn’t mean you have to change them all, but it’s good to question them once in a while so you don’t become stuck in your ways.

  254. Forgive someone for something. No matter how small, or how recent, lose the grudge and you’ll feel better for it.

  255. Refrain from alcohol/ smoking/ another vice all day. Choose something that will be a challenge for you, and consider keeping it up for longer!

  256. Start writing a short story– or even a great novel! Unleash your creativity.

  257. Walk/ drive a new route to work and back– sounds boring but it’s nice to freshen things up every once in a while; you might even discover somewhere interesting.

  258. Start learning a new language, longterm. This time choose a language that you would like to start learning on a more long-term basis. This can be as simple as just learning a new phrase a day; there are plenty of apps and online guides for this, or books for beginners if you want to go hardcore.

  259. giphy12Read a whole newspaper today or, if you normally do this, read a different newspaper today.

  260. Spend a day without internet. A WHOLE day. Starting now.

  261. Send all of your friends an e-card for no reason. Just to say ‘thank you’, or ‘have a nice day’!

  262. Take a cold shower in the morning to wake you up and lift your mood (believe it or not). It’s also supposed to be good for your skin to alternate between warm and cold water.

  263. Don’t tell any lies today, even harmless, white lies! See what happens if you tell nothing but the truth all day.

  264. Try to be selfless today and make other people your priority, instead of yourself. Give up your break to help out a colleague or donate your spare change instead of buying that morning coffee.

  265. Listen to a new band/ artist/ song today and explore their music. Pick something you’ve never heard of before!

  266. Teach someone something. Imparting knowledge can be really fulfilling, especially when you’re helping someone out.

  267. Instead of just watching the news, find some interesting and thought-provoking articles to read as well/ instead. There’s plenty of inspiration available online to get you started!

  268. Keep a laughter journal– write down all the things that have made you really laugh today.

  269. Set yourself a workout challenge: ie. Do 50 press-ups/ 100 sit ups/ 45 mins of cardio today, etc.

  270. Try saying ‘good morning’/ ‘good afternoon’ to people you pass today, even strangers and people you wouldn’t normally talk to.giphy13

  271. Join a flashmob. Crazy but who cares.

  272. Don’t complain all day. This one is really hard, but give it a go and see how positive you feel by the end of the day!

  273. Reflect on the best thing that happened to you today- you could also try keeping a list of the best thing that happens every day.

  274. Pick one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never have, and plan to make it happen. Paragliding, horse riding, visiting Paris, or just camping in the garden. Whatever it is, now’s your chance.

  275. Pick a period of history and read up about it. Pick something that interests you but you know little about; you can do as much or as little as you like!

  276. Random act of kindess. Help that old lady with her bags or buy someone dinner; for no reason other than being a great human being!

  277. Find an interesting blogger and follow their posts. Find a blog about something you find interesting: eg. travel, crafts, cooking.

  278. Try a short afternoon nap to recharge. I still haven’t mastered afternoon napping, and can’t get my head around the long, Spanish siestas, but the Japanese are strong advocates of short naps for improving alertness and concentration at work. This article explains how best to nap, as well as explaining the ‘tennis ball’ super power nap.

  279. Don’t bitch about other people all day. No negativity or bad talk towards or about other people all day! This just makes you a nicer person, surely.

  280. Smile more! giphy14Smile at people you pass in the corridors at work and
    everyone you speak to (just not in a creepy way…)

  281. Spend at least an hour outside today, whatever the weather.

  282. Read up about the life of someone famous/ someone you admire. You could learn some really interesting things!

  283. Go above and beyond at work today! Do more than the bare minimum and impress your boss.

  284. Start re-reading your favourite book. Even if your favourite book is The Hungry Caterpillar.

  285. Get up early and take your time getting ready for work and making yourself a nice breakfast. Treat yourself to a slow, relaxing morning with a cooked breakfast you wouldn’t normally have time for.

  286. Spend at least 15 minutes today sitting quietly and still, doing nothing else. It’s very calming and will give you a chance to reflect, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  287. Pick an area of science and read up about it. Something you are interesting in but know little about!

  288. Try making more eye contact with people you interact with today. Now don’t just stare at people… but eye contact makes you seem like a warmer, more open, and approachable person; it will improve your interactions and make people think you’re actually listening to what they have to say!

  289. Be courteous: open doors for people, give up your seat on the bus, let other drivers go ahead of you, etc. People will appreciate it!

  290. Speak to your boss about anything bothering you at work; offer your help if you want to be involved more in certain projects, or have a chat with them if you feel like you are doing too much. Plan how to improve your work life if needs be or how to be a better employee.

  291. Recognise your achievements today and reward yourself. You don’t do this often enough!

  292. Remind yourself of what you want in life and make sure you are on track to get there. Write a list and make a plan!

  293. Re-try those foods that you think you don’t like but haven’t tried in a long time; tastebuds can change! Or try foods that you assume you don’t like but have never tried!

  294. new-years-evePlan your New Year’s Eve now! Or it’ll creep up on you and you still wont have any plans… the pressure.

  295. Skype chat with someone far away. They’ll be pleased to hear from you and you’ll have fun reconnecting and catching up!

  296. Today, be you. No pretending to be someone else to please others, even in small ways that you wouldn’t normally be consciously aware of. Just try to stick as true to yourself as possible today.

  297. Be early for everything today! You’ll be so much less stressed when you’re not rushing around and have extra time in between appointments/ commitments.

  298. Today wait a minute or two before looking up facts on your phone; test your memory by trying to remember things using your brain.

  299. Today, remember to take time out before making any big decisions or reacting to someone in an argument; this will give you time to think, and cool down before you do anything rash/ say anything you may regret!

  300. If you haven’t already, then use today to back up any important computer files onto an external hard drive/ online drive! An important one that is easy to forget about until the day your computer crashes!

  301. Consider cutting anyone negative out of your life who you truly do not like and feel is bad for you (although there’s no need to do this meanly), and adding more positive people.

  302. Today, instead of telling someone you love them, find a way to show them. Think outside the box!

  303. Give people hugs (just not strangers!)giphy15

  304. Help someone else reach a goal they have– speak to your friends and suss out if anyone could do with a helping hand.

  305. Make a new friend. A tricky one! Speak to someone new/ engage with someone you don’t know very well/ get to know an acquaintance.

  306. Find something inspirational: a video/ an article, etc. and share it with friends.

  307. Give your computer a break and get into the habit of completely shutting it down when you’re not using it. I’m a terrible one for leaving it running constantly and it’s really bad for it.

  308. Learn to play a new card game and teach someone else/ play it with friends.

  309. Attempt something you failed at before. Just because you failed once it doesn’t mean you will never be successful; try again!

  310. Call your parents just to talk about their lives for once. How often do you do this?

  311. Tell someone something you have kept bottled up inside. It can be anyone and anything but it’s best to get these things out in the open; you’ll feel better!

  312. Today, be honest with yourself about why you make each decision you make. Are you eating chocolate because you ‘deserve a treat’ or just because you want chocolate? Are you getting dressed up for your own benefit or to impress someone else? There’s nothing wrong with the latter two, just be honest with yourself about these little things.

  313. Write down the most important/ significant/ memorable thing that has happened to you in each year of your life/ in every month of the past year.

  314. Focus on getting ahead with some giphy16work that needs doing today. Set a target and reward yourself with some chill time once you’ve reached it.

  315. Remember to take your own plastic bags with you when you go shopping today. It’s best to keep one in your handbag with you anyway just in case!

  316. Challenge someone to a friendly competition: if you’re both trying to achieve something (eg. lose weight/ stop smoking/ exercise more), it can be beneficial if you do it together, with a little competitive edge.

  317. Pick a random date in the future and plan a fun activity for that day– put it in your diary and stick to it!

  318. Today, focus on a single task at a time, without trying to multitask. You’ll do a more thorough job and you’ll likely feel calmer.

  319. Try eating/ cooking a new type of cuisine that you haven’t tried before. The more out there, the better!

  320. Contact any past teachers you admire to thank them for all that they did. It’s only now you look back that you can truly appreciate it!

  321. Give someone a flower. It’s a nice gesture!

  322. Listen– particularly in an argument or discussion, actually carefully listen to what the other people are saying today before sharing your own opinion.

  323. Be vocal about anything you disagree with/ anything that makes you unhappy today- but do it tactfully.

  324. Take a risk on something today– but obviously nothing too dangerous.

  325. Today, don’t use your computer unless it’s absolutely necessary! Good luck…

  326. Organise your computer files and get rid of anything you no longer need. Decluttering feels good!

  327. Make a winter warming soup, using fresh veg. Yum.tortilla_soup_420_2spoons

  328. Admit your wrongdoings and work on making them right. Anything you’ve done, no matter how small!

  329. Try giving only homemade xmas presents this year; and/ or offer the idea to your whole family as a change from the usual spending.

  330. Have a long conversation with a grandparent; they’ll have plenty of interesting stories and things to tell you!

  331. Pick some wild flowers today to display in your home (just not from peoples’ gardens!)

  332. Eat 5 portions of green vegetables today. Harder than you think but they’re super good for you, especially if you eat them raw!

  333. Do something that had a special meaning for you/ you enjoyed doing during childhood. Whether that’s making a collage or playing Pokémon with your brother.

  334. Finish something you were planning on leaving till tomorrow– when tomorrow comes you’ll be grateful you didn’t put it off!

  335. giphy17Tidy your workspace and bedroom.
    You’ll feel calmer and be so much more productive tomorrow.

  336. Take ten minutes out of your day to listen to someone else’s problems. They’ll be grateful you were there, no matter how small the problems.

  337. Today, try to ignore your watch and just go with the flow (provided you have no important appointments!)

  338. Today, remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at every opportunity. Manners cost nothing!

  339. Ask people how they are today and be sincere about wanting to know.

  340. Today, donate any change to the donations box at the checkout; every little helps.

  341. Take today to remember anyone you have lost in your life and to positively celebrate their life. It’s easy to forget in the rush of day to day life.

  342. Start a spending journal to keep track of your finances. Now you’ll be able to figure out where all that money is going! (Again, MoneyLover is a great app for this as well.)

  343. Try a deep conditioning hair treatment today to revive your locks!
    DIY ones using avocado, olive oil, honey, mayonnaise (yes, really), etc. are also effective.

  344. Have tea breaks– working too hardgiphy18 without any breaks is bad for you! As if you needed an excuse to take some time out and drink more tea anyway…

  345. Make your own xmas wreath, and be creative! My parents are particularly fond of their annual brussel sprout wreath

  346. Learn about coding. You never know when it could come in handy.

  347. Put your spare change into a vending machine so the customer behind you gets a nice surprise. Who’s day wouldn’t be made by a free Dairy Milk?

  348. Decorate your house with only home-made xmas decorations. This will force you to be creative! Find inspiration on Pinterest.

  349. Let go of unnecessary commitments. I’m not suggesting you just cut out any that are genuinely important or involve majorly letting people down, but just let go of those niggly little things that are clogging up your to do list but really don’t have to be; it’ll be a weight off your shoulders.

  350. Go commando today– not sure how I feel about this one but if you’re feeling daring then why not, at least you can say you did.

  351. Go a whole day without stressing about calories; this doesn’t mean pig out for the sake of it, just allow yourself to eat what you want without worrying about the consequences for once.

  352. Have a detox day to flush your system of toxins; drink lots of water and green tea and eat mainly vegetables and whole grains.

  353. infused-vodkaTry making your own flavoured vodka/ liqueur: test out different flavours by infusing your fruits/ sweets/ flavours of choice, in a mason jar full of vodka for a month.

  354. Try to submit any deadlines/ do any chores ahead of time today; you’ll feel much less stressed about it knowing you have time to spare before it ‘has’ to be done.

  355. Try to eat only wholewheat carbs today instead of white, refined! You’ll feel much better for it.

  356. Make and eat the spiciest dish you can handle. Just please don’t make yourself ill…

  357. Have a PJ day. Simples.

  358. Try a sugar free tea/ coffee day. If you already take yours without, try cutting sugar elsewhere.

  359. Collate all of your favourite photos and arrange in some nice photo albums to keep.

  360. Learn 95636243e62acabd0784cc0ee41ffe72how to arm-knit a scarf in half an hour. So much easier than you think!

  361. Make a collage for your wall made up of photos and memories that make you happy.

  362. Make a list of any books you want to read in the next year and start the empty shelf challenge.

  363. Make a list of any films you want to see this year and work your way through it when you are bored and/ or have spare time.

  364. Start the video challenge, where you make a ‘my year’ video from short clips of every day/ week of the year.

  365. Review your goals– applaud yourself for any you have already completed and plan how to get back on track with any you’re falling behind on.
    happiness & freedom
    Go celebrate on a mountain like this guy when you’re done.

    How did you do? Let me know how many you managed to complete by the end of the year!


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